Sat 12/02    
10:10 am - 11:10 am


K Sports Complex
10050 Pennsylvania Ave, Manassas, VA, 20110

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  1. ONLY 2-coaches/team receive a Free Admissions Wristband. Coach must be registered by AD Friday COB before the Tournament
  2. Additional coaches may sit on the Team Bench but they must pay the $10/day Admission Fee
  3. Each team will provide a volunteer to Keep the Scoreclock and/or Scorebook. The Scoreclock/Scorebook volunteer will receive a Free Admissions Wristband. (Only 1 scorebook/scoreclock volunteer Free Admission/day). Volunteer’s name must be registered by AD by Friday COB before the Tournament.


  1. Home Team provides Official Scorebook Keeper. Away Team provides Clockkeeper.


  1. All spectators must pay $10/day Admission Fee


  1. 5th-10th Grade Play 14-minute halves (Clocks will stop ON all whistles, no running clocks (unless up by 20 points)


  1. Overtime – 2 Minutes
    Double Overtime – 1 Minute
    Triple Overtime-first team to score
    Note: Each team is allowed one additional time for overtime


  1. Fouls:
    Player Fouls Out- 5 Fouls
    1-1 on 10th foul
    Double Bonus- 13th Foul


  1. Time-Outs:
    4 Time Outs
    Two full
    Two thirty’s


  1. Mercy Rule:
    If a team is ahead by 20 points or more the clock will turn into a running clock. If the lead drops
    below 20 points normal rules (stopped clock) will resume11. Home vs Away
    – Team listed first on the schedule is Home/White
    – Team listed second on the schedule is Away/Dark12. Game Ball:
    – 2nd-6th/7th=28.5
    – 7th-11th/12th= 29.5.
    – If coaches decided to use a bigger size ball, both coaches must agree. Each team is responsible for their warm – up and game balls. Home team is responsible for providing game ball.13. Each team is responsible for their warm – up and game balls. Home team is Responsible for providing game ball.


  1. Tie-Breaker:
  2. Won-Loss Record
    2. Head-to-Head Competition
    3.Point System (Margin of Victory…plus/minus)- any team winning by more than 15 points will only be rewarded 15 points for the victory. For example, if your team wins by 22 points you still will be rewarded only 15 points.
    4. Least Amount of Points allowed in Pool Play
    5.Coin Flip15. Other Rules:
    – 5 minutes to warm up (depending on games running on time)
    – 3 minutes for halftime (depending on games running on time)
    Each team is responsible for cleaning the bench area leaving it tidy for the next game.
  3. There will be no arguing or debating referee calls His/her call is the final call