Calendar Howto

Our new website comes complete with the ability to not only see the games on the public side, but ways to easily add a dynamic calendar to Apple’s iCal, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and others.  When the organization updates it, you have the changes.

So, if you’d like this calendar easily available, you just need to choose what detail you are looking for.  Everything Victory?  or Just the part your child is involved in.  If you load multiple individual calendars, you can also color code them in your application.  Very nice to figure out which events are which.  Enjoy!

For Google Calendar: Copy the link for the desired calendar below. In google calendar, click the menu icon next to “Other Calendars” on the bottom left. In the menu that appears choose “Add by URL” and use the copied link.

And for those that are old school, there is a print link below that will allow you to put the calendar on your refrigerator or elsewhere.

Everything Victory 
Calendar Link

Boys Basketball
MS Boys Basketball Calendar Link   Print Link
JV Boys Basketball Calendar Link   Print Link
Varsity Boys Basketball Calendar Link   Print Link

Girls Basketball
MS Girls Basketball Calendar Link  Print Link
JV Girls Basketball Calendar Link  Print Link
Combined Girls Basketball Calendar Link  Print Link

Girls Volleyball
14U Girls Volleyball Calendar Link
JV Girls Volleyball Calendar Link
Varsity Girls Volleyball Calendar Link