Had a great turn out of interested homeschoolers in competitive high school athletics at the FVAA Victory Booth at the HEAV Convention. Many of our fellow VHSAA conference competitors stopped by the booth to say, “hello” and check out the trophies, jerseys, t-shirts, and highlight film on display. Victory answered questions of approximately 35-perspective athletes’ families from across the VHSAA conference area and assisted them with making contact with the AD of the VHSAA team in their region. About 17-new families to Victory from the Fredericksburg area stopped by the booth to learn more about Victory and competitive high school athletics for homeschoolers. Looking forward to going again next year.

Huge shout out of “THANKS” to the Durney family, Sok Family, Emily & Michael Arndt, Matt Werner, Williams Family, Jessica Whalen, Mark Conroe, and Johnson family for assisting with shifts at the Victory Booth.